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Leon Chwistek o relacyjności i dynamice pojęcia rzeczywistości

  1. Karol Chrobak


Leon Chwistek on the Relationality and the Dynamism of the Concept of Reality

The main focus of this article is to present Leon Chwistek’s theory of multiplicity of realities and to confront it with the theory of culture of Ernst Cassirer. Both authors depart from a similar assumption about the mediated character of human cognition. However, this Kantian thesis has been developed by each of them in a unique way. This enables to compare various developments of the same transcendental thesis: on the one hand Chwistek’s logical understanding of the plurality of realities and on the other Cassirer’s theory of man’s symbolic organization of reality. Chwistek considers the multiplicity of realities as resulting from the logic of the objectivity itself. According to Cassirer, this plurality and its dynamism are embedded in the very human nature that still develops into the direction of more and more rational form.

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Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia

6, 2011, z. 4

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