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Alberta Schweitzera etyka czci dla życia jako mistyka panteistyczna i mistyka jednoczenia się z bytem

  1. Dorota Brylla


Albert Schweitzers’s Reverence for Life ethics as the panteistic mysticism and the mysticism of uniting with being

This article presents the philosophical-ethical programme of Albert Schweitzer — i.e. his postulate of the Reverence for Life — from the perspective of it being a determinant of the mystical and pantheistic (therefore also monistic) system, which is built here on the basis of the idea — and at the same time the ideal of this moral philosophy — of the mystical uniting with being, i.e. the unio mystica with life in all its manifestations (that is with seemingly particular wills-to-live as “parts” of monistic Will-to-Live).
In addition, the text shows that mysticism inherent in Schweitzer’s system, Christian in its foundation, finds its reference in talking about non-confessional (non-religious) mysticism too.
The third aim of this paper is to present convergences between Schweitzer’s mystical feeling of the reverence for life and the so-called sensus numinis — as a derivative of the term numinosum — of Rudolf Otto’s phenomenology, in terms of the category of Creature-Feeling and related to it the concept of interdependence of the pantheistic-monistic being (entity).

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Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia

10, 2015, z. 1

Strony od 107 do 121

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