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Pokój religijny a rozwój naukowo-techniczny w pismach Francisa Bacona

  1. Przemysław Wewiór


Religious peace and scientific-technical development in worksby Francis Bacon

The paper presents the significance of religious peace in Francis Bacon’s works. His attitude to the Church of England is discussed. Bacon gives a lot of praise to it and highly values its inclusive feature. To defend its model, the philosopher outlines a doctrine of irenicism and truths essential for salvation. Furthermore, he is strongly convinced that religious politics gives England advantage over other countries by creating conditions enabling science and technology to flourish. In order to emphasise the relation between religious peace and scientific-technical development, Bacon writes the so-called history of literature or learning, which scrutinises an impact of political circumstances on the progress. Finally, the article considers New Atlantis a vision of England ultimately freed from religious struggles and thus buoyantly developing.

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Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia

10, 2015, z. 1

Strony od 77 do 90

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