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W stronę innego uniwersalizmu. Minimalizm moralny a międzykulturowa skuteczność praw człowieka

  1. Katarzyna Liszka


Toward universalism without violence. Moral minimalismand intercultural effectiveness of human rights

The aim of the article is to pose a question about the ethical potential of human rights in the face of important critical revisions of its philosophical grounds, its development and functioning. I focus on the criticism of human rights in the context of the discussion about the Holocaust and its consequences. Following H. Arendt, M. Walzer, A. Margalit and E. Lévinas, I attempt to show possible answers to the aforementioned question about the ethical potential of the human rights pointing out both particularity and universality as its features, as well as an ongoing circulation between the particular and the universal characteristic to it.

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Studia Philosophica Wratislaviensia

8, 2013, z. 2

Strony od 97 do 105

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